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Looking to start your website, but need help putting it all together? Glad you found me!


I work with small business owners and entrepreneurs to develop beautifully intuitive, user-friendly, fresh websites!

Designs generally takes 3 weeks to publish, depending on the complexity and content provided.

Hands on Deck

Once your request is submitted, you'll receive an email within 48 hours including a quote and an estimated time frame for your website to be created.

Pricing is subject to change based on current promotions and the designs requested.  Scheduling is subject to availability and your design time frame will be finalized upon receipt of payment. Payments are accepted via PayPal, Venmo, CashApp and check.

Questions on the packages? Contact me to discuss the best option for you before creating an order.





  • 1 Page Editable Websit

  • Continuous Scrolling Page Design

  • Basic Color Palette

  • Logo & Image Displays

  • 1-2 Stock Photos

  • Mobile Friendly Design

  • Social Media Links

  • Basic Contact Form

  • Domain Linking

  • Design Review Meeting

  • Simple SEO Keywords

Estimated 2-3 week design time.

Subject to availability and scheduling. 

Starting at $350




  • 3 Page Editable Website

  • Design & Basic Formatting

  • Custom Color Palette

  • Logo & Image Displays

  • Up to 5 Stock Photos

  • Mobile Friendly Design

  • Social Media Links

  • Advanced Contact Form

  • Auto-reply Email for Form Entry

  • Domain Linking

  • 5 Day Post-Launch Support

  • Basic SEO Optimization

Estimated 4-6 week design time.

Subject to availability and scheduling. 

Starting at $650




  • 6 Page Editable Website

  • Design & Complex Formatting

  • Custom Color Palette

  • Logo & Image Displays

  • Up to 10 Stock Photos

  • Mobile Friendly Design

  • Social Media Links

  • Email Opt-In Form

  • Contact Forms (2)

  • Auto-reply Email for Form Entries

  • Domain Linking

  • 10 Day Post-Launch Support

  • Advanced SEO Optimization

Estimated 6-8 week design time.

Subject to availability and scheduling. 

Starting at $1200

Pink Bubbles

A la Carte

Additional Page(s)

Monthly Maintenance

Domain Setup & Linking



Blog Design

& Setup


Online Store
& eCommerce

WIX Admin. Tutorial


What do I need to start my website?

  • Decide on the types of pages you want. Examples: Home, About, Services, Products, Menu, Location(s), Book an Appointment, Resume/CV, Blog, Testimonials, Events, Contact Me, FAQ, etc.)

  • Draft and edit your content. What do you want your website to say? What do you want people to know about you or your business? 

  • Collect your images. Do you have a professional headshot you want displayed? Or do you have images that represent your products and services? Do you need to schedule an appointment with a professional photographer? Gather your favorite images into a folder. For Stock image recommendations, email Chelsea!

What do you want your website to look like?

  • Think about your style. Is your style Bold? Creative? Traditional? Simple? Loud? Cutting Edge? Modern? Alternative? Whimsical? Business Minded? Warm? Romantic? Professional? 

  • Think about words that describe you. How would you describe you or your business in 5 words? How do others describe the services or products you offer?

  • Find websites that you like. Send me examples of what website designs and layouts you like! This will provide me with examples on where to get started and to understand your vision.

  • Pick out 3-5 colors that inspire you! We will incorporate these into your design.

Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Wix websites? offers free and fairly priced options with an array of tools and features to customize your website! Once I build your website, you will be able to easily login and edit your content whenever you need to.

Do I need a Premium plan?

With different personal and business plans and an array of payment options, Wix has everything you need and more. If you want a custom website address (domain,) you will need a Premium plan. Find the right plan for you.

What features does Wix offer?

You can easily add any of Wix's many features to your website including tools and apps such as: embedded videos, social media links, contact forms, surveys, blog pages, mobile optimized design, search engine optimization (SEO,) and so much more!

Can I add onto a design package?

Yes! My design packages are flexible. We can add a la carte services onto the Basics, Essentials or Business package, make a la carte updates, or create a fully customized package just for you. Contact me if you have any questions!

...Your package prices are so low?

My mission is to connect you with your customers and build your brand through your website. I also really enjoy the creative website design process and learning about your business' needs. My goal is not to make thousands off of something you could do yourself.

My goal is to help you create a gorgeous, user friendly website that you can be proud of - that's why I outprice other website designers on the market.

Once my site is live, can you help me continue making edits and updates later?

Each of the design packages comes with a number of post-launch support days. Post-launch support allows for you to take control of your website after the design is finished & goes live. This is time for you to get familiar with the design. If you have any questions or updates needed during this time, I'm all yours. After that, you can look at my a la carte options for hourly, monthly, quarterly, or annual maintenance plans for additional updates and edits.

What do I need to have prepared before you can get started working on my site?

See the Getting Started section below. You will definitely need to 1) create a Wix account if you haven't already, and 2) know the purpose of your website. Having these two things upfront will give us direction!

Next, 3) request a quote. Quotes are valid for 90 days and confirm the work, pricing, and your design timeline.


You will also need to have an account with Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, or bank printed check to secure your design time frame.

Will I own my full site and design?

Absolutely. I do not claim rights to anything you do with your website once it goes live. However, I do reserve the right to show your website as a reference to other potential clients. You will have full publishing and editorial access to your site.

I already have a website, but I need to fix a few things... can you help?

I'd love to! When your website is already created, I take the time to review your current content, pages, branding, and formatting. Next, we'll schedule a discovery call so I can understand your needs. I'll also come to you with a set of recommendations to enhance your site, if you're interested.


When requesting a quote, click on A La Carte services. After the discovery call, I will price out the work by hour.

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